Posted by: journey2peace | June 1, 2012

365 Days of Peace, Day 309: November 5, 2011

Conflict is a two-sided coin. The problem or issue is never ¨just¨ about the other side – it always involves both. It is the ultimate of the complementary opposites and interconnectedness of the yin and yang; it is the continuum between the poles of North and South, it is the the pointing of the finger with three pointing back at the self. Conflict is full of counterparts, correlations, and paradoxes. Conflict is the necessary and vital energy that causes us to grow. Peace says: See yourself in the lesson and you will come to know me.

Posted by: journey2peace | June 1, 2012

365 Days of Empowerment, Day 22: July 12, 2012

Today, empowerment is about forgiveness. I have found myself in a state of stress, sadness, and frustration because things just weren’t going my way. I have been in a tizzy, with a stomach ache, and just walking around mad because this particular circumstance was not turning out how I had hoped and envisioned, and I am sincerely disappointed in my own performance. Ugh!

So, I had to get under the surface of the pissed-offness and stress. I had to let the feelings swell up to the surface to be able to read the writing on the tablet – the story I was telling myself and the scripts I have written about ¨how things should be.¨ I had to recognize that I have been on this merry-go-round of unmet expectations so many times it is as dizzying as vertigo when you are standing on solid ground. It is also quite irritating that I am still on this same ride after all these years – judging others in order to protect myself from danger.

Empowerment – or the energy we access in order to feel a state of peace-filled confidence – in this situation can be found in forgiveness. Forgive every second, my well-hummed mantra, will be my medicine and the Exit from another ride around through this well-worn and indented cycle. And, as I begin to release the expectations that I have of the other person and how I think he or she should be, and as I load compassion into the chamber of self-detriment instead of hate, the energy of confidence and peace-filled power can break through the chains of anger, frustration, and despair and bubble once again through my cells like a taste of champagne or the quiet, simple jets in the bottom of hot tub.


How can you get under the surface of your stress to determine what is really going on with you and the other person? What familiar cycle may you be moving through again? How can you use compassion and forgiveness for yourself and someone else at the same time? How can you use forgiveness to restore your peace-filled power?

Posted by: journey2peace | May 8, 2012

365 Days of Peace, Day 308: November 4, 2011

When shifting the conversation to self and soul, instant access is granted to the infinite intelligence within. It’s like walking into the calm at the center of the storm, a sanctuary amidst a cacophony of noise, or having the sci-fi “Cone of Silence” surround you with just the push of a button — it feels quite strange at first, but you can, right away, hear much better. Here, you can adjust to your innate frequency, and you can access unaffected understandings, present perceptions, and authentic acumen. Peace says: Shhh…. Shift. Step into your inside and listen. Stand in your middle and open. Hear, maybe for the first time, what you already know.

Posted by: journey2peace | November 10, 2011

365 Days of Peace, Day 307: November 3, 2010

Creating peace is not about anger, soapbox sermons, or entrenched, one-sided discourses. It’s not about changing “them” to be like “us,” and it’s not about telling “them” to just stay on their side of the street. Creating peace is about the process of recognizing our humanity and then communally elevating the positives by coming together around what we consensually agree is working. Peace Says: You are one tribe – you are human; and when you can see the forest in the trees, you will find me. And when you can see the rainbow through the rain, you will understand what to do.

Posted by: journey2peace | October 26, 2011

365 Days of Peace, Day 306: November 2, 2010

What are you willing to do to have peace in your life? How hard would you be willing to work and for how long? What would you be willing to surrender, and what would you be willing to enhance? Peace says: Finding me is sometimes like traversing through a thickly-vined and muddy-floored jungle; wandering an open, dusty, cement-like plain; or negotiating a trek through an iced-over and snow-filled mountain pass. You will have to make the trip, and I will be waiting patiently with open arms for you.

Posted by: journey2peace | October 26, 2011

365 Days of Peace, Day 305: November 1, 2010

Secrets, lies, and things we cover up at all costs do detrimental things to our bodies, minds, and souls. As we seek peace, it is helpful to try on the truth of our lives like putting on a bathing suit or pair of pants we are not sure you can wear. Peace says: The truth of your life is your legend. How acquainted you are with it will determine how close to me you can be.

Posted by: journey2peace | October 20, 2011

365 Days of Peace, Day 304: October 31, 2010

The pathway to peace requires immense strength. It requires us to exercise all of our our muscles (mental, spiritual, physical) in a new way. Peace says: It´s time to get on the treadmill, time to flex those muscles, time to reach further mentally and spiritually than you ever have before. It´s time to face the fear,  push through the pain, and let your truth sink deep into your cells. You have to build a new type of strength to get to me. It´s time.

Posted by: journey2peace | October 20, 2011

365 Days of Peace, Day 303: October 30, 2010

Peace is about discovering the feeling of ¨perfection¨ within ourselves. It is about finding the place where everything is more than okay, but consummate, incomparable, and unparalleled. Peace says: A feeling of perfection is not what you think it is until you understand that it is me.

Posted by: journey2peace | October 20, 2011

365 Days of Peace, Day 302: October 29, 2010

Peace is not about following an ultimate moral, meritorious, or righteous code. Peace says: There isn´t one. Strive towards me, and I will help you find the way.

Posted by: journey2peace | October 18, 2011

365 Days of Peace, Day 301: October 28, 2010

Truth. Truth is elusive, and truth is present on a continuum from the insides of the cells of souls to the reality of our everyday operations and manifestations. Truth is a force all its own. To find peace, truth must be present, to some degree. And, to really know peace, truth must be law. Peace says: Learn how to feel how the truth sets you free.

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